Meet Dr. Dennis Stoll

Being a dentist is who I am, it’s what I do, and it’s what I love. There’s nothing better than helping a person become healthier, improving the patient’s quality of life, and giving people a smile they love!

I’m enthusiastic about educating and guiding each patient toward good oral health. Most people don’t know about their own dental health and how it’s connected to their overall well-being. Why should they? It’s not their “world” but it is my world, so who better to help them? I love when the light goes on — when a person understands why you need to care about your oral health — and gets excited about it!

I’ve been practicing dentistry for 40 years and still look forward to coming to work. Everyone should be this fortunate! I appreciate the one-on-one interactions with my patients and getting to know them on a personal level.

That passion is shared by my team members. We know our patients as people. They’re not just a mouth, a tooth, a number on a chart; they’re family, and we care about them as individuals. Many patients say they feel the same about us!


Continuing dental education is a large part of my commitment to our patients. I want to provide them with the most current, effective, comfortable care, and give them the best, most stable results.

In addition to my active membership in the Seattle Study Club, I complete numerous courses throughout the year: studying and evaluating technological and treatment advancements.

Professional Memberships

Outside the Office

I grew up in Arlington and moved to Harlingen in 1977, when I opened this practice. I think this community is top notch and I love living here with my wife Peggy. We’ve been married for 20 years; she’s my wife as well as my office manager and dental hygienist!

We have three children. John lives in Houston with his wife, Rebecca. He is the lead sound engineer for NASA, she is a professional writer, and they have a band, “Grifters and Shills.”

Daughter Jennifer lives in Houston with her two children, Jacob and Audrey. Jennifer’s a third grade teacher. Jessenda, our other daughter, also lives in Houston. She has two children, Jaylynn and Avan, currently works in the dental field, and is working on a college degree, too.

When I’m not in the office, I’m often working out, working in the yard, or cooking up a storm in my new kitchen. I love to cook and have taken several classes with Chef Marcel.

I also love traveling, especially to visit family and our siblings. Peggy and I are foodies: We’re always looking for new restaurants and recipes. Of course, we always have time to cheer for the Cowboys, too!

Personally and professionally, I have an honest approach to living. I believe in speaking the truth directly and building an honest, respectful rapport with those in my life.

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